The Team Manager's - 10 Commandments 



1. WWC Check for:

  • The Team Manager
  • The Coach
  • The Assistant Coach
  • The First Aid Officer


2. Manage/Keep the Team Support System structure intact. (Rotate positions if necessary).



3. Find & Allocate people to each role (Job Share a role if possible).



4. This position reports to the Chief Junior Officer (Our TSS motto: "Less Work for more Volunteers not More Work for Less Volunteers" - Communication Purposes



5. Collect white strip from junior club rooms if requested from your Team Secretary for away games.


6. Adhere to the: Oakleigh Cannons Juniors Policies & Procedures.



7. Act as a backup TSS member where needed.



8. Training: Hold small workshops (Teach the TSS concept/Go over the Policies & Procedures).



9. Take control and act as a point of contact.



10. All enquiries & issues are sent to you first before they are elevated to The Junior/Senior Committee for resolution.